Friday, April 15, 2011

Group A up in the air

So Group A of the 2011 WCP Cup comes down to El Salvador vs. Laos on Saturday night at 10 p.m. That's right, the playoff hopes for three teams will all depend on the last game of the best day of the tournament. I'm excited and worried at the same time. On the one hand, its a fantastic bookend to Canada vs Ukraine, 7 p.m.; Jamaica vs Poland, 8 p.m., and Afghanistan vs Nigeria, 9 p.m. On the other hand, the game will likely only start at 10:30 at the earliest and there's a good chance I'll be too inebriated to fully appreciate it.

At stake for Laos: Laos is sitting pretty right now. Thanks to starting 4-0, the Laosians are guaranteed a spot in the quarterfinals, so there isn't quite so much pressure. The problem is, thanks to the Greece tie of France, the Group C finishing order will still be up in the air, so Laos won't know if it wants to finish first or second in Group A. I'm guessing France finishes first in Group C because of goal differential, so no way does Laos want to slip into second place with a loss to El Salvador.

At stake for El Salvador: This is a can't lose game. If El Salvador wins, it finishes first in Group A based on head-to-head with Laos. If ES ties, it finishes a comfortable second and will cross over to face France. If ES loses, it's out because of the 6-3 loss to Sudan. Both teams would likely finish (Sudan still has a final game on Monday night against N. Ireland) with nine points, but because of the head-to-head, Sudan would take second place.

At stake for Sudan: El Salvador has to lose for Sudan to make it through. Thanks to Sudan's choke job against Colombia, the Sudanese now have no control over their tournament fate. They played well, but the chances of advancing to the quarterfinals are slim. Plus, while I doubt it will happen, there's still the possibility Sudan loses its final game on Monday night.


Anonymous said...

ya all this can happen if and if and if France wins their last two games

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. EL has to beat Laos or tie and Sudan must win against N. Ireland. I think that's more than possible. Go Sudan. I totally want to see them go through.

Anonymous said...

haha nice try.
but ES has to LOSE to Laos for sudan to be IN. if ES ties or wins they go through and sudan is OUT.

does that clear it up for you?

Anonymous said...

on a side note, I don't think Alvaro Campos realized how unflattering that tight jersey he was wearing yesterday was. i don't know if ES couldnt afford to pay for enough fabric to make a bigger jersey, or if for some sick odd reason that Alvi thinks his body is sculpted enough to wear a tight jersey. i tell you, if i had a body like that, i would definitely not try to wear tight clothing in front of hundreds of people. embarassing!

Anonymous said...

hey , braden, no more Greece talk?

Playmaker said...

I'm going to post all of my group wrap-ups on Tuesday and then quarterfinals previews on Wednesday. There'll be plent of time to talk about Greek luck then.

Anonymous said...

France needs to play as a team. They bairly beat a stuggling Nigeria tonight. Like come on.

First off, Travis Brady needs to stop falling down and taking stupid dives. Makes for a stupid game, and people in the stands notice it very easily and that's why you got taunted out there by the crowd clown. He's not good nor a playmaker.

Second off Riley Meloche aka Clock Cleaner aka owner needs to stop tripping over the ball and get some skill buddy. Ball control is the first thing you learn when you start playing soccer. What a huge joke. Makes me sick.

Thirdly your keeper Tristan Manz needs to stop complaining to the Ref's eveytime there is a call. It's truely pathetic. Stay in your net buddy and chill out. Try to play the game, maybe watch the ball a few times cause you looked pretty shaky out there tonight.

Overall, France just doesn't cut it this year nor will they if their one man shows don't play like a team. Try to play the game, stop complaining, and learn to stop diving. This aint English Premiere League. It's Regina soccer. Wow.

Anonymous said...

i dont come out every night and watch but i noticed today what anonymous above me said, why is the goalie for france always complaining, stay in your net douchebag. you look like an idiot. congats on the win, but your goalie will be your downfall this tournament, i dont care how good he is supposed to be.

Julio said...

To the same anonymous poster that posts over and over and over again trying to beak me... your the same person... it's quite easy to see that... what's more pathetic is the fact that you keep trying to beak yet are to scared to leave your name.

Braden... and Stefan for the matter atleast made it known it was them when we had some solid exchange of on the other hand just seem like a little girl who is mad because she got her lollipop taken away.

I am actually embarrassed that you need to hide behind an anonymous blog to make such irrelevant posts. It's shows just how cowardly and pathetic you are that you have to go through such lengths to get in a chirp or two.

Anonymous said...

France keeper needs to shut up and play the game. The guy is not that good and I agree with people when they say he is the teams downfall. Douchebag or not, he needs to shut up and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...


GREECE 3 EL SALVADOR 0. back when ES was a very strong team and a contender. Good luck tonite. Hopefully we can play in the quarters.

celtic said...

so the knockouts will go like this
poland vs Norway
ROI vs Canada
france vs el salvador
Greece vs laos


Greece vs poland
ROI vs el avador

ROI 9 Greece 1

ROI wins and greece cinderalla story is over


Anonymous said...

no game preview Braden? oh wait theres no need for one, cause your goin to lose 6-0, have a good day

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the comment aabove. I'm guessing a 9 1 win for roi.

Anonymous said...

I will say 4 - 1 ROI

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with the 1-1 tie in the Laos vs. El Salvador. Sounds like they played for a tie, is this true?

Playmaker said...

Tough to say. The first half was really competitive, and even in the second half there were chances for both teams. The last five minutes were a little weak, but I can't blame either team. Laos needed to preserve the tie so they'd get first. ES needed it to go through. Last five minutes, nobody wanted to give up anything and I'd have played it the same way.

Anonymous said...

ya some ppl are hypocrites EVERYONE would do the same thing if they were put in the same situation as Laos and ES its too bad they were put in that spot

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Anon, I think if both teams had been undefeated leading up to the game and were just playing for first and second it would of have been an all out attack for the win. But i cant blame Es for holding the ball in the last few minutes considering the speed Laos has on the counterattack, one more goal against them with little time left and it would of been bye bye ES. Well played by both teams.