Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Greece Group C Favourites?

Greece pulled off its second win in three nights to move to 2-0 and first place in Group C of the 2011 WCP Cup. Are they now the Group C favourites?

Greece's 2-1 win over Botswana was ugly, but no team except Ireland is keeping track of style points right now. Greece gets a lead, keeps playing hard, and focuses a ton of energy on blocking shots and eliminating any quality chances. That's a great recipe for success if you only need to beat four teams to advance. Is France going to be a huge test? Of course. But maybe, just maybe, the Greeks can pull it off.

The other game of Tuesday night featured Austria beating Colombia 2-1 in a heated contest. Both teams played well and provided an entertaining match.


Anonymous said...

greece wont win any games
Greece wins 1st game
greece wont win any more games
Greece wins 2nd game
greece has NO chance against France
Greece ???

Anonymous said...

4 - 1 france wins

Anonymous said...

Austria was able to hold off Columbia despite having a player sent off in the first half. It didnt even look like they were a man down. Columbia just couldn't capitalize.

On another note Braden you were a little card happy in this game. I thought the refs were supposed to reduce the cards??


Anonymous said...

Greece is thriving on everyone doubting them, I still don't believe the hype france will likely crush them but greece can make it out of the group only to be eliminated the next game.

Kirk O'Dooley said...

Not really, after talking with the committee, the reason for the new card rule, which doesn't see you playing short for 4 mins, is supposed to increase calls for fouls and some cards to prevent stupid fouls. We have to stop complaining about one or the other, either you want calls to be made or you don't. But then you can't complain about the stupid fouls that should be carded and called. You have to remember that ref's call things from their line of sight. We stand upstairs looking down with a beautiful view. The refs try their best, but in some cases it isn't the best view. Don't get me wrong I do not think some of those cards were cards, but maybe with Braden giving so many cards away, people won't be so stupid with their challenges.

Chris said...

100% agree with Kirk...it's easy to see an 'obvious call' from upstairs when you have a good vantage point. If you're on the field different angles can make things appear better or worse than others. In a tournament where they are supposed to let as much go as possible, the limit can be pushed pretty fast and things can get out of hand in no time. It's important for a ref to take control, whether it's making a few calls that are borderline early to show he is the guy controlling things, or if it's having a rigid stern line on putting up with bullshit from players.

As for Greece, it's great that they are pulling things together with a 2-0 record, but let's be honest, Botswana is not a high calibre team, and Nigeria played aweful in that game. Implying that they might suprise France is a pretty far stretch. With a little bit of luck against Afghanistan, Greece might sneak out of this group, but they'll be in trouble in the quarterfinals against Laos/Sudan/El Salvador (whoever takes first in that group). Not trying to rag on them, it's fantastic that they are becoming a suprise underdog/sleeper this year, but we'll see how it goes...it's still early.

Anonymous said...

Greece will get back to reality when france crushes them. They arent on the same level. I will be modest, France 7 greece 2. the greeks just havent shown anything out there, they could be 0-2 now. is everyone blind.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with 12:29 greece hasnt did anything. That nigeria game i almost fell asleep watching. I dont think anyone is saying they are good tho except for that guy that plays for them. Group D is Death and Group C is Crap. Whoever gets second will get killed in the Quarterfinals.

Anonymous said...

Dooley stop sucking up to Braden. He knows he is a good ref, he doesn't need your vote.

Anonymous said...

Dooley is just making up for his brutal lack of experience ... aka it is clear Braden knows his stuff.