Sunday, April 3, 2011

England Preview - Sunday 7 p.m.

We've finally arrived. The first game for Norway in the 2011 WCP Cup is less than 12 hours away and the team is ready to perform. England poses a bit of a challenge as a squad which has a chip on its shoulder because of the 2010 results, but ultimately Norway should prevail.

They key for Norway in this game is to bury the early chances. Since both teams will come out hard (never fails for the first game) Norway's midfield will have to harness its energy and turn it into shots and great runs off the ball. Then it'll be up to the strikers to make sure that those shots and runs find their way into the back of the net.

If this game is still close at half then Norway might start to get a little worried, but I honestly can't see England managing to hang around. Just not enough skill to be a contender this year. Norway takes it, 6-1.

Actual Result: 4-1 for Norway.


Anonymous said...

I think 4-3 Norway.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it will be closer to 4-1. England doesn't seem to have enough punch in them to get 3 goals in.

Kirk O'Dooley said...

England has a lot of youth players, but from what I saw they were quite disorganized. Norway's organization and ability to play well with each other should make this a fairly easy win. Stefan will own the middle of the field and movement will cycle through him. I am predicting not the best game to watch because Norway should take this one early on.

Anonymous said...

England is shocking... you cant even hype them a little bit... norways gonna kill them and if they dont then norways way worse then i thought..