Monday, April 25, 2011

2012 WCP Cup in Regina - Starting Early

We've just wrapped up a great tournament that was an undeniable success. And for a nice change, the WCP Cup organizing committee has released some interesting details for the 2012 WCP Cup tournament that I'll post before I really start to rehash everything throughout this week. The (scant) details are below:

2012 Team Registration: Friday September 9th, 2011.
2012 WCP Cup Draw: Friday October 14th, 2011.
2012 WCP Cup Schedule Release: Tuesday November 15th, 2011.

2011 WCP Cup All-Star games (all divisions) TBA Summer 2011.

Also appearing in 2012 - Masters showcase game and 18-and-under boys division.

What this means is stuff is going to be happening all summer. Not sure how they'll hold an all-star game with regular men's leagues and holidays happening, but it should be interesting. Also not sure who would pick the teams - an impartial jury of online commentators? I can only wish.

Also, if you didn't start planning and talking about your roster at the cabaret - or if you don't remember your night at the cabaret - then better start now.


Anonymous said...

This just seems ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

u wanna know whos ridiculous Norway

Anonymous said...

what a terrible team

Anonymous said...

I think next yr they should invite Ochocinco to the tournament

Anonymous said...

since wcp 2011 is done,
this blog should also be done.

Anonymous said...

oh man I cant wait next yr when Ochocinco is goin to play next yr for ROI, man its goin to be awesome!

Playmaker said...

I've been away for a couple days so the blog has gone stagnant. No worries, I'll post something again sometime today.