Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 WCP Cup Semifinals Preview

One round down, only two more to go. We've established that Ireland is a powerhouse, Laos is a legit title defender, El Salvador can play disciplined defensive soccer and Poland is on a mission to prove they can win the big one. Tonight will show which of these teams has the talent to make it to Saturday's final pairing.

Ireland vs El Salvador, 8 p.m. - While El Salvador played much better than I thought they would against France, it's going to be a herculean task to knock off Ireland right now. Their offense is a force to be reckoned with and I'm not sure any other team in the tournament has the personnel to pull off whatever successful strategy is required. I hope El Salvador can shoot the lights out to make this thing close because Ireland will not be denied the net, but I really don't see it happening. Ireland wins 5-2.

Poland vs Laos, 10 p.m. - This game will be incredibly close and hard-fought. Poland is a superb defensive team and has won six straight games in convincing fashion. Laos is the defending champion that always finds a way to win the important games. Both have superb goaltenders and both have shown to be a little shaky when it comes to striker play. I think its a toss-up and whichever team prevails will have done so by beating an equally strong opponent. Because I've got to take a winner I'll choose the team I think wants it more by virtue of never having been to the show. Poland wins 3-2.


Anonymous said...

Es vs ROI? Can you say this was a game? Es sit back with 8 guys being chicken shits. If they tried going at ROI they would of been destroyed. ROI is not lucky at all they deserved the win. So all I have to say is ROI will kill anyone. Little babies crying aand screaming over every call. Especially chico and jerson. Grow a pair, you play like little bitches.

Anonymous said...

El Salvador is anti-football

Julio said...

Of course you guys would post on here and hate on El Salvador... yet why don't we take a look at the numbers.. I am pretty sure that every other team allowed Ireland to walk all over them... yet ES was the only team that pushed Ireland to the brink of defeat... at the end of the day it doesn't matter how "pretty" you play... it matters how you get the job done. It is what it is... we played a system that would gives us the best chance to win, and sadly we came up short... so if your going to trash ES, why don't you post with your name... post what team you played for and then post the results against either France or ROI, or any other good team. As if I recall properly... ES was a free kick away from playing in the final... how did your team do?

It's not surprising that ES wouldn't get respect either way... it is what it is...we were written off at the beginning of the tournament as a "weak" team filled with drunks... yet we proved that statement completely wrong. Hate all you want on ES, at the end of the day we were the ones on the pitch giving Ireland a battle... where were you while that was going on? Oh ya... not on the pitch... shucks.

As for the personal attacks on Chico and Jerson... very unnecessary and how can you tell someone to grow a pair and not be a bitch... when you yourself don't have the balls to post with your name. How can you call someone a chicken shit, when you run your mouth and can't post with a name..

As for the same guy that posts on EVERY blog about Riley... man let it go... I know your feelings are hurt when he said something negative about your team.. yet everyone is entitled to their opinion... you sound like a bitter ex-gf that got left in the dumps and told to kick rocks and your out to try to embarrass the kid... like you quote proved nothing... people complain that I litter the blog... well that literally was a waste of space... my essays atleast have some interest to my every growing list of haters!

At the end of the day I think the fans were sick of seeing ROI blow out teams... we atleast gave the fans something to watch... run your mouth about ES all you want... it wasn't the most "pretty" soccer... and it definitely had it's moments of snappiness and desperation.. yet how many goals per game did my boy David Brown snipe on your team per match... thought so.

Chubs said...

Props to ES. Great game with great fans. Sure Ireland deserved to win but it was close and I dont think any team other than could have neutralized Brown and co.

Alvi played out of his mind! Where has that been all your life?

Never thought I'd say it but I wish el salvador would have won

Anonymous said...

Anyone that knows an ounce of soccer knowledge knows that ES played a strategic game against ROI. There is no doubt that ROI is a great team and any team that tries to go and play all out attack against them is going to lose. So ES played a defensive game (which most people say they lack) and did their best to complicate ROI's attack as much as possible and try to counter on any mistakes ROI made. I think the strategy paid off and allowed ES to come close to win over an incredibly strong team. Campos and Spencer played great on defense to shut down D. Brown. and at the end of the day the game kept people watching till the end, unlike the quarterfinal ROI game in which most people knew the game was over after the first half.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing is with ES for the past years, ES has been known to play a style of attacking soccer, which last night didnt showcase and many ppl knew that was not going to happend but lets face it some of you guys(ES) have been going on the blogs and saying your "ballers" if thats the case then ppl are going to come down on u and attack on the blogs. but due to your credit you didnt come on here and said before the semi's u were goin to destroy ROI or any regards of that

Anonymous said...

ES sucks. Lucky to even make it that far. End of story. Thank GOD. Oh and Julio shut up already.

Anonymous said...

i think Es played a great game and would have gone up if there next chance didnt fall to Anibal, a real striker would have put that away and there wouldnt be ireland any more, am sure its david brown crying on here as he was shut down, it doesnt matter if a team plays count attack, as long as it gives u a chance to win a ball game its all good, so give credit to ES for a great game plan, finally someone proved that this team is beatable if u stick to yo game plan, almost worked, and why didnt Mike collins get a red for kicking at another player? this isnt hockey buddy, poor reffing again, even at the end, am sure if it was irelands free kick they would have got it, same thing next game, no red card for tony? what a shame, again poor ref on the field

Anonymous said...

David Brown, stop crying man, just because you got outworked by the ES defenders and couldnt score against an average defending team doesnt mean you can start complaining like a little girl..just pathetic man, wished we could of played you guys in the final but the ref in our game decided to rob us, and give laos the win..all good, maybe next year.

Julio said...

Stefan (Chubbs) I appreciate the respect bru... like I said; once upon a time I really put my heart and soul into soccer.. that the only reason I was ever kept around the national program for as long as I did; was because they made me play center back and every game was a do or get cut situation... that it had been a LONG LONG time since I had actually given it my all... that I just didn't want to get blown away by Ireland... at the end of the day I never ever had the passion of a true soccer player that alot of the skills or talent I had kinda went to waste due to not having that drive to always play my heart out... yet it is what it is.

For everyone hating on Brown, common the guy was 20+ goals in the tournament... he is a top notch striker... you have to give him respect for that...he battled against me all night, and didn't make my job easy... as much as I gave out tough tackles... Brown posted up hard and even through in a few slide tackles himself... yet Spencer is a great defensive partner that it made for a fun game to play in.

As for the anonymous poster still chirping... you do all your chirping on the blog, yet I've said it since day one... talk smack and prove it on the field as well. As Brown and Levis are running the table for the golden boot; yet how many goals did each of them soccer vs ES? ES battled, showed heart, and played as a team.. and players took roles for the greater good of the team... that ES proved to be a different team then the disappointing team that showed up in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha all I can do is laugh at people writing anonymous about me! Why would I be crying? My team is in the final. Yes alvi and spencer gave me a hard game they followed me everywhere but that's what they had to do and it worked! I didn't score. If you wanna call me out at least post your name! I love scoring but its sweeter knowing my team is in the final!!

David Brown

Bartosz said...

@anon 2:35. If you're actually on team Poland please leave your name because we are over it. The ref blew the call but we blew the game by letting the ref get to us . Game was ours but we didn't have the right mentality to finish them. Things got heated with the ref a bit but all your seeing from our players is passion..we are not just playing for's for the fans..parents. Gfs sisters brothers aunts unkles.. The ref blowing the game was the first thing we reached to but when the smoke settled we beat us. And a fantastic run by the short philipeno kid. Can't wait for ES tonight! Julio you and your ballet slippers are mine tonight!

Julio said...

Please Bartosz define what you call ballet slippers? As you were saying that during the game and I didn't quite catch the context of the comment?

Congratulations Poland. Great tournament, playing in the third place match is never fun... yet you guys gave your fans something to celebrate.

In hindsight, I guess it was better off that we lost in PK's to ROI as our keeper put his body on the line and is injured for a few weeks... I guess that the price you pay when you have Julio and Mitch both throwing themselves to save a shot.
Hopefully the final isn't an ROI blow out as this tournament is all about the atmosphere and the fans.

Anonymous said...

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