Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WCP Doesn't Write This Thing

O boy-o. Things are about to get real. I've been contacted by the WCP lawyers about this blog. Not even sure why I'm writing this except to vent a bit.

For everyone out there who thinks this blog is affiliated with WCP - it's not, I write it and WCP has no say in the content. I may get info from WCP on occasion, but most of what I write is things I've heard or seen. Because of that reason, the blog won't change, but I'll update as to the ongoing situation.

It's been suggested I put up a really big disclaimer and that I make my contact info known. Not my style. If anyone wishes to contact me they can post a comment with their name and email address and I'll attempt to get in touch.

If anyone feels offended by what they read on here, just understand that the world is a diverse place and differing opinions are allowed to exist. If you don't like it - then unsubscribe. Oh wait, it's a blog and I don't make any money. If you don't like it, then beat it.

That's the vent for today. Sorry for the distraction from soccer. I'll have something more interesting tomorrow.


Goose said...

Keep it up Braden. I know you don't get paid for this, and I know you are just trying to generate interest in this event. This blog does well to promote, but I'm not so sure the Clock Cleaner blog does that. The comments there DIRECTLY attack people, where threats are given instead of opinions. If that is what the "suits" are making the phone calls about, I may see their point. When it comes to your blog, however, I see nothing wrong.

Your allowed to vent and I see your point. Unfortunately for those sensitive types, opinions do exist out here, whether you like it or not. As you said Braden, don't like the heat, get outta the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I agree, blogs have come under fire and many administrators have felt the heat. What needs to happen is that you make sure that someone personal life is not harmed by material that is being written on this blog. Opinions are one thing and you can share those opinion but when those opinions in any way have a defamatory over tone then people have a case. You must state facts, not fiction. This is a serious charge, and can be prosecuted if taken to lightly.

Braden, I would just make sure that when someone rights something that seems fiction and could harm them in any area whether it be work or the community then you delete that post.

Playmaker said...

I agree 100%. I've been deleting anything defamatory. To be clear, just because someone doesn't like something doesn't make it defamatory though either. And those in positions of high authority are more open to scrutiny than those that aren't. It's a balancing act that I go through daily.

Clock Cleaner said...

We clearly received a similar letter.

I've written a long letter back to the lawyers indicating my position. My blog is called the WCP Cup Blog, so I can understand the affiliation concerns, especially since since there was a direct link from the WCP website at one point. I'm posting a small disclaimer as a compromise.
Send me an e-mail and I'll share what I've done with you.

Clock Cleaner said...

And to Goose:
You're not so sure the WCP Cup Blog does well to promote the tournament? What's the view like up your own ass?

Every single post I've made for the last 5 years promotes the tournament, and nothing else. The comments are the same on all the blogs. Read through them. It's no different anywhere. Your comment is baseless, and an insult to me personally. You're making the entire situation worse with that statement.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Clock Cleaner here...that WCP Blog I've found is actually more 'fact based' than this Norway blog. Both blogs have done a good job of balancing opinion and fact to promote the tournament in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is where you are wrong, for example

"It doesnt matter RSA are a bunch of liars,cheats, and blood sucking vampires that have 2 goals in life which are the following below"

That was taken from this site, calling them a liar, and a cheat may be opinion but unless it can be proven with factual evidence it can be considered defamatory, and if the soccer office decides to can make difficult for this blog, and for any blog that has such claims.

Braden, that would be I would take down. From a friend to a friend.

Anonymous said...

so this is the rsa trying to cover up their lies and all the money they steel from us players so am assuming they fel like someone is going to read this and do an investigation thats why they are rpobably putting pressure on you to shut it down but soon or later someone will be convicted of there wrong doings in the office, keep doing whatever u doing Braden theres nothing wrong with this

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are right Anon 12:50pm, lol. You are not very clever when it comes to the seriousness of these allegations. The person that took that one probably just looked for one and that was the first one they came up with. I can find more like it. If I were Braden I wouldn't listen to these little kids given you legal advise on freedom of speech as they are still probably in high school. Not to mention that this site seems to be condoning racial stereotypes.

For example "I heard the Greek team is setting up a souvlaki stand, where they will also be serving Greek salads and baklava".

If you want to talk with such disdain, you should probably do it in the privacy of your own home, not in a public forum.

Anonymous said...

thats why we cant wait for the day to play norway, to serve greek salad to you losers with our special ( and i mean SPECIAL) greek dressing. Dont worry , i have taken my notes and some teams have made our LIST. patience and we will succeed. Team Greece


NORWAY , this blog, lets Racist comments to exist. You could have deleted the post about Greeks and salads. You should be ashamed. If it wasnt for the greeks, regina would be eating Mcdonalds , burger king, subway all day long.

HUSBAND-Hey Honey, im taking you out for our Anniversary.
WIFE:- Where are we going.
HUSBAND- We are going to Boston Pizza
WIFE- Stupid Norwegian, should of married a Greek.

Thats the way it would be without Greek people in regina.

Playmaker said...

So someone posting about Greek salad is racist? I'm not really seeing the connection. It may be stereotyping, but certainly not racist. And to be fair, its sometimes very difficult to tell if someone is being serious or just messing around. I'm using my judgement - sometimes its wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is not racist, but that perception can be twisted in any direction given the political correctness of the society will belong to. As for the seriousness of the nature, I have to disagree. Anything that can be perceived to anyone as stereotypical or racial should be taken off your site in my opinion. It is to save and cover your ass. Look at the mother that wrote on both your site and Canada's. I think you need to make sure you perceive it through her eyes, rather than yours to make sure you cover your ass. You wouldn't want shit to happen to you because of some lame ass comment that has been taken too literally by someone very sensitive to those types of comments.

Anonymous said...

best part about this blog is people only post during the day. people do your jobs go to your classes haha then come home and post

Goose said...

Apparently I have an account. Didn't know that.

Anywho, to Clock Cleaner:

I'm not going to get into specifics, as I have tried posting 3 times and it isn't sticking.

I appreciate the work you do in maintaining the WCP Cup Blog. Promoting through stories and predictions, and then having to try to moderate degrading comments on the site has made it difficult. Putting a disclaimer on the site helps protect you, and hopefully anonymous comments are not viewed to be your own.

I will leave it at that. My apologies if my previous comment offended you. I guess it's all about reading a post again and again to convey the correct meaning behind a message. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to continue reading what you post.

Anonymous said...

play maker. can u have all exhibition scores on the side of your blog from all teams,, thanks

Playmaker said...

Shit rolls downhill and as the author of the blog I realize I'm at the bottom and everything lands on me. Live by the sword and die by the sword though. I personally don't write things that are defamatory. If people want to interpret anonymous comments as defamatory and take me to task over them, well, I guess that happens sometimes. I'm not looking for a fight from anyone so I'll take whatever comes my way. It is what it is.

Playmaker said...

As for the exhibition scores - there's not enough room for all of them, plus I have no way of getting all of the information. I'm not opposed to the idea, its just a lot of work I don't want to do. The tournament scores are easier because they're scheduled better and reporting results is more consistent.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter whether or not you write those comments. You alone have the power to delete and moderate those comments. By not doing moderating said comments you in fact endorse said comments. Therefore, you are held liable for what has been written.

Playmaker said...

I believe your logic flow is a bit off. It doesn't actually work that way, no matter how much you want it to be true. It's very difficult, some might say impossible to hold someone liable for something they never actually said or endorsed. It is possible to let others share their beiefs without personally endorsing them, and thank goodness because otherwise we'd be a very backwards society.

Anonymous said...

laos won't be as strong this year they have lost josh northey, chad anthony and another midfielder all to injury. i dunno if laos has the players to get into the later rounds

Anonymous said...

I think you need to do a little research my friend.

First, I do not want this site to go down which is why I am on here writing and shed light on a situation that could be avoided. There are lawsuits going down right now against bloggers, authors and Google.

Second, online journalist have the highest arrests out of any media, and bloggers end up in jail. This is not opinion this is stated in an online article discussing recent lawsuits against bloggers, authors, and Google. However, the anonymous posters are being found through IP addresses and if cannot be found a real threat to both Google and authors are being discussed now in the courts. Google has the money to go to court, do you?

Although, nothing concrete has been written, I would think twice before you think you are in the clear. Your laws such as press protection law are completely left out of these charges.

This is just something to think about, but go ahead Braden. I am not saying you are dumb or ignorant by any stretch bud. I just want to give you the research I have been reading, this would be incredibly stupid for something like this to go any further then just a couple complaints. I hope this is dropped by next season.

Good luck, and post any further details so we can help you out.

Julio said...

Let's be real for a second.. if the Greeks are taking great offense to a simple comment like that... I am baffled by that. Yes it is borderline racist by whoever made it... yet it no shape or form is it damaging to anyone. The Greeks have made personal insults towards Braden and Braden actually wasn't the one who wrote that comment... it was prolly an anonymous blogger who fails to post with a name.

What happened to freedom of speech? The blogs are public domains, just like many other blogs throughout the internet that comment on whatever the hell they want. I don't know about the RSA and how they operate... but yes some of the discussion may have shed light on matters that the RSA is not prepared to deal with.

Have lines been crossed on blogs, and in particularly this blog or Clock Cleaners... sure they have. Yet the one instance where it was crossing a serious line was with the Banerjee kid and his dad... yet he also came on the blog and voiced his opinion, and not everything that was said by any party invovled was acceptable.

I don't support Braden, let alone have much liking for the guy... yet this blog is for his Norway team. He is free to write whatever he wants in accordance to his team. He isn't promoting the WCP as much as he is promoting his team and his reliving of the past. The people that have come on here and complained about the material fail to put the difference between Braden's freedom to have a blog and the tournament. Braden could quite easily re-name the blog and the same conversation could still arise.

All I can say is that if you can't stand the heat, stay away from the fire... I've personally been insulted and trashed; yet it is what it is. I took that risk when I posted with my name. Whoever posts on the internet needs to be aware of that risk, and if you can't handle a comment then stay off the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Exhibition scores and upcoming games have been posted on the WCP Cup Facebook page for anyone interested...If you hear any post them on there...that Chris guy seems to be updating that list here and there.

antonio said...

you correct Mr. Anonymous with laos and their injuries, chad anthony and josh northey are both out for this years wcp cup.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech does not exist when you have defamatory intent nor does it exist when it creates or endorses racial or stereotypical comments.

Anonymous said...

i think people had started actually writing good stuff as of late than in the beginning with the exception of few Greek comments so if the Greeks cant handle that then don't come on the blog, i mean someone some were is always going to say something which we all don't agree with but its freedom of speech, its not Braden who writes those owe full comments its ppl who don't play soccer and want to destroy it, Ive read all Braden blogs and they are almost about Norway so RSA should stay out of this one they don't allow us to take part in any of their office decisions and now they even come to our places telling us what to do, this is ridiculous i cant believe it

Anonymous said...

if its true Laos is loosing those 2 players that's a big blow to them, i mean huge but they will be OK, they have so many weapons but its going to be hard for them to repeat there success from last yr, go France we taking it this yr, its out time

Anonymous said...

Just so we are clear on the freedom of speech act, for those of you who do not really understand its limitations.

"Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation, or both. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on "hate speech".

So now we know that the comments do not fall under the freedom of speech act, you can now try to come up with another way of arguing how those comments are okay.

Anonymous said...

I believe at the top of the webpage it says


So if u arent on the squad or dont like whats written dont invite yourself here

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares. Keep writing bullshit because that is all it is.

Playmaker said...

I'm going to keep writing the blog, nobody needs to worry about it going away. And the comments will remain open, so no one should worry about that either. Posting about soccer tomorrow as per usual.

Julio said...

Well I referred to Braden's right to comment on Freedom of Speech, I am glad someone with a dictionary was able to take a valid point and try to twist it around.
I have not once agreed with the anonymous posters who talk trash and don't post with their name. Anonymity allows for a poster to leave their judgment behind and feel like they are "free" from the ramifications of their comments.

Braden makes outlandish comments and tries to report the "news"; he doesn't start threads bashing people... the anonymous posters do that. I was actually referring to Braden's writings... which he has quite well satisfied your definition of freedom of speech.

Yet you proved exactly what the problem is; although your anonymous post was not harmful... the anonymity of posting is what is causing for the "hateful" comments that you gladly pointed out. Braden actually does a decent job to delete most of them. So Webster next time you get your dictionary out and try to feel smart look at the context and try to interpret what is being said.

As for the Greeks, they are getting bashed abit... I've even dropped a few Greek zingers... but I have not crossed a line where they should feel that it's been hateful or racist in any manner. They've dished out some comments... and like I said; if they can dish and not take back then stay off the blogs.

Bottom Line: It is the NORWAY BLOG... its not termed "Official WCP Tournament Blog"

Playmaker said...

For people commenting whose comments don't appear right away - the spam filter for the blog is going kinda crazy. I'll try and approve your stuff ASAP if its appropriate. Not trying to censor anything