Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update: Pay Slightly Less

A new update has been sent out by the WCP Cup organizing committee about fees for unregistered players. This update does away with the $32 admin fee and means the maximum a player will have to pay to register with the RSA is $60. Below is the new fee structure:

1) Players not registered in the 10/11 season - $60.
2) Players registered in another district - $37 (RSA will need an email from the district association confirming that you are registered and in good standing with the district).
3) Players living in another district, but not registered - $60 (You need an email from the district association to the RSA confirming you're in good standing).
4) Managers/Coaches/Trainers fee, as well as anyone who wants to be on the field is $7.

The email from the district to the RSA should go to Brittany, whose email address is on the RSA contact page:

As a side note, if anyone is mad that I delete comments, read this:


Anonymous said...

sweet,on a somewhat more intersting note. how are hand balls going to be called in this tourny, because I have noticed over the past couple seasons in regina soccer that it is being really inconsistenly called by referee's, basically relying on the ref's style and opinion towards a handball cahnges from game to game and is really annoying. I hope the refs can all agree on how to call it and the basic rule should be if it is an aiccdent handball or not and that team gets possesion from that incident then it should be called wether it is ball to hand or not, because nobody ever intentionally uses their hands! but it still should be called! very frustrated player with regina ref's

Anonymous said...

LOL, you are a hypocrite in your argument. At one end you are saying that referees should be able to call such a basic foul, but you don't want the FIFA ruling stand when it comes to the ball to hand rule. So what you want, is the referees to call what you think should and should not be a hand ball.

Playmaker said...

Yeah, we're not having a rules or referee debate on this blog. There are five referees on the Norway roster and we all have to deal with player complaints when we're working. It's not going to happen in this forum as well.

Mike Collins said...

So I headed down to the RSA today to pay a PART of my WCP fees. The total damage was $465 for 10 players. I get the $23 SSA fee for insurance so I will leave that alone. The big one to me is the $37 RSA fee. So I spoke with Dennis Morse.

My first question was how can a Winnipeg team come play in the RSA adult tournament without ensuing massive costs? By my calculations they should have to pay $60 per player (SSA fee + RSA fee) as well as the tournament entry fee which is $600. However, for that tournament out of town teams only pay the entry fee of $600 which somehow covers those 2 fees + fields rentals + referees. How is this possible? Well according to Dennis the Board of Directors makes that decision and he just abides by their ruling. Not really an answer.

So my next question my next question was who decides on the fees? Again, same answer. Board of Directors.

So how can I get in touch with the Board of Directors? I can talk to a representative and they can present the case for me. (Currently pursuing this)

Then came the big question. Where does this money go? The answer: "It would take over an hour to break down. You can schedule a meeting." "Sure" I said "lets do it right now." "Well I am really busy, lets do it Tuesday?"

So that's where I stand. 1 hour of time with Dennis Morse Tuesday afternoon to figure out where this money goes and why?

Anything else I should venture to ask? Besides why these fees keep going up....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike!
I appreciate that instead of bitching and moaning, you are actually doing something to look into this matter. No one agrees with it and everyone thinks is crap. You seem to be the only one doing anything about it. My hat is off to you.
I would also ask for some form of confirmation as to what the SSA is charging for the insurance. I am not convinced it is a simple subtraction of the $37. If the RSA is being charged $15 bucks for insurance per player (just an example, don't know what the actual number is) then where is that extra money going?
I would also ask for the minutes of the BOD meetings in which these decisions are made. I think this is a bluff from DM that needs ot be called. I guarantee that there has never been a meeting in which the RSA BOD has discussed the potential for charging out of town teams like Winnipeg, Lethbridge, Swift Current, Saskatoon, etc. that come to their tournaments extra for out of town registration. Not a chance!
Thanks again Mike. Please make a post after your meeting to inform the rest of us how things went or the run around you get.

Anonymous said...

Mike take a recorder so u record every word he says and we can do an investigation based on what he tells u, its about time, well done mike, thats a good start