Friday, March 4, 2011

Top 10 Teams for WCP Cup 2011

From what I've heard, most teams have already set their rosters for the 2011 WCP Cup. While this makes player movement rumours boring and arguments moot, it does open up the door for my second-favourite post: ranking teams. Without further ado:

10. El Salvador - A talented and underachieving team. ES possesses the skill but lacks the focus to be a major contender this year.

9. Nigeria - Skilled and lucky, this team manages to win enough games to make the playoffs - barely.

8. Poland - A good, solid team where every player knows his role but where individual flash is sometimes lacking.

7. Jamaica - Many skilled players and lots of team speed help Jamaica score goals, but not defend them too well.

6. Germany - A high-powered offense geared towards scoring early and often is usually fuelled by little more than testosterone and adrenaline, not tactics and planning.

5. Norway - Like Poland, hard-working and team-first mentality, but now mixed with some individual brilliance.

4. Canada - Skilled and hard-working throughout the entire roster, but can't seem to seal the deal in the big games.

3. Laos - Even with all of the advantages, I expect them to take a step back in 2011. Too much pressure to repeat and against too big of odds.

2. Ireland - More solid out-of-town pickups will give this attacking force all the weapons it needs to make a great run. Excellent defense and goaltending definitely helps.

1. France - Extremely talented, well-managed and now with a burning desire sparked from the semifinal loss of 2010.


Chubs said...

Norway wants Germany 2nd round.
Lets meet up.

Anonymous said...

I slightly disagree..
1. Ireland - Could be reversed with France - Very Dangerous
2. France - Could be reversed with Ireland - Also very Dangerous.
3. Laos - Talented. Slightly better than Germany. Would have lost to Germany if Evan didnt take a flop and Christine didn't show that yellow card.
4. Germany - Not the most skill but very intense physical and offensive team. Score more than the other team and your gunna win.
5. El Salvador - Very skilled. I know WCP is a big party but if these guys turned it down a couple notches they would be very very good.
6. Canada - Could be reversed with Norway - slightly over confident.
7. Norway - Could be reversed with Canada - way over confident
8. Jamaica - Just cant win a meaningful game.
9. Nigeria - Not Consistant enough to keep a winning streak going all the way through the tournament.
10. Poland - Decent skill, work well as a team.

I just hope for some shocker teams and great matches.

Anonymous said...

1) Italy -- This is the year.
2) Austria- the dark horse
3) Scotland- Worst to first
4) Afghanistan- They might have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Those are both fair assessments of those teams. I think Ireland is gonna rock the show again, and I am always a little disappointed with France. Laos is fast, and they play well together and listen to their coach which is what is different then most other teams. The play a strong tactical game and it works, hence the win. Germany is always over rated for me since there team fell apart in 2007. I think there best team was 2006. They will do well, but not what most people rant and rave about. Poland, plays well together, I always like watching them make teams work for their win. Nigeria, not a damn chance unless they by some miracle they picked up some players that work well together. I love there fans and I cheer for them because they are one of the funnest teams to watch, but they have done nothing in any tourney, however I rarely miss one of their games and recommend them for people wanting to come and watch a game or two. El Salvador should be good, but they need to focus the entire tournament and that is their problem, once a few games go by it is party time. Jamaica is always carried by Kevin, he holds the ball well, and waits for movement, stick your strongest player on him and it is game, set and match, unless they actually picked up players. Canada has a lot of talent and speed but like Braden said unable to seal the deal in the games that need to be sealed. I hope this is our first year we seal the deal. Norway, sometimes boring to watch, play a defenses slow moving game. However they can kill anyone that takes them too lightly for a second. They always make any team that beats them earn it.

Anonymous said...

ya maybe if your on acid

Anonymous said...

1) Ireland
2) Laos
3) France
4) El Salvador
5) Germany
6) Jamaica
7) Canada
8) Norway
9) Nigeria

All based upon this year's teams. And how it could finish.

Anonymous said...

Last year no games went by an ES was already partying. I swear they stumbled into the soccer centre already black out drunk. I don't think I've gotten a chance to see those guys play sober. I don't want to term all of ES as wild boys, but everyone knows who their party boys are. It's a shame, as the hype and energy is there, they have drawn attention for fans to come out, it's just time for some of those players to bring it. I am particularly talking about one of the ES players in general and I think it's quite obvious who the guy is.

As for the other assessments. Pretty spot on Playmaker.

Anonymous said...

I heard one yr Alvaro Sr wanted the fans to pay everything for ES,well good thing they didnt because they would of paid them to get drunk

Julio said...

Ok easy with that last comment there.
Yes we have indulged in some great party nights; yet many of the guys that we have partied with have been on ROI aswell. It is what it is.
To some the Regina WCP it's their life, to other it's just good times. To each their own.

Yea we prolly should have settled down on drinking in the past; but what can you do now. Yet when we do go out we pay for our own booze, our own travel, and our own accommodations... due to the fact that we do cover our own costs some of the players from previous teams from Saskatoon won't be able to make the voyage.

Yet I actually agree with Braden on his analysis; yet I don't think focus is the right word. I think priorities would have much suited the squad. Yet this is a new year, we have a new schedule... so we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Just curious to who Norways "individual brilliance" would be???

Anonymous said...

Since my last comment got deleted, i will try to ask again. Who is norways "individual brilliance"????

Anonymous said...

Here's how it will finish

1. France - its there year, basically the same team. Easy route to the final
2. Laos
3. Ireland
4. Germany
5. El Salvador
6. Jamaica
7. Norway
8. Nigeria

notice how I am missing canada? this is because they don't make it out of the group of death so cannot place in the top 8.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget El Salvador was an overtime goal away from winning the tournament 2 years ago and only had 1 loss last year. its not as if there partying off the field has dropped their performance on the field by considerable amounts.

Anonymous said...

dont wanna post my comment it seems? i just am curious who norways individual brilliance is???????

Anonymous said...

5. Norway - Like Poland, hard-working and team-first mentality, but now mixed with some individual brilliance.

individual brilliance???

Chris said...

I gotta agree with Julio on some of his points...I think every team heading into this has a different goal. Even for the competitive teams. Sure you want to win, but for some players this isn't what their ultimate goal of the year's just a party or a chance to kick around the ball in a few more games. For others it's about filling some void in another part of their lives with this boost of confidence when they win a game or play with/against better players. Even for the fans it's a little different...take a look at that guy in the kilt at all the Scotland games last year...that guys never been in a soccer facility that I've seen before. Or what about the Chilean fans and their drums...nobody brings drums out to a regular men's premier game (that is proably a much higher calibre game than some of the WCP Cup games).

To each their own...

Anonymous said...

Braden, Im curious to know who Norways "individual brilliance" is. Please stop deleting my questions.

Anonymous said...

Who is the "individual brilliance" that you talk about?

Anonymous said...

Why has my comment been deleted??

Anonymous said...

love this blog, nice work!

Playmaker said...

To the guy who complained about me deleting his comments. Maybe get an email or more secure computer that Google doesn't automatically think is spam. You're comments are all there now.

Clock Cleaner said...

Haha...WE MUST KNOW WHO THIS INDIVIDUAL BRILLIANCE IS. He's pretty concerned about this. If I was on Norway, I would claim that nickname for sure.

Anonymous said...

Serbia is just straight garbage, poland won 8-1 (could've easily have been much more) yesterday and dominated them all around

Anonymous said...

Nigeria 4 jamaica 3 Yesterdays ex, Norway 3 Afghanistan 1, after yesterday theres no way Norway can much up with ROI unless if you guys have more players we dont know yet

Anonymous said...

lets talk about the underdogs of this tournament. Cos you all know they are full of surprises.

Anonymous said...

" theres no way Norway can much up with ROI unless if you guys have more players we dont know yet"

thats a serious comment? you really think norway only has 10 people on their team? CMON MAN!

Anonymous said...

i was just wondering when you are going to post your predictions for the womens side of the tournament. its important that you give the women equal rights on this blog too, because they are also part of this fantastic tournament! hope to see it up soon!

female soccer player

Playmaker said...

I won't be posting any women's predictions. I don't really feel obligated to do so because there is no women's Norway team and I just don't watch enough women's soccer to have an informed opinion. I also won't be posting any youth boys or girls predictions so don't feel offended.

Anonymous said...

This years womens tournament is going to be crazy man! probably the best talent in womens soccer we've ever seen in wcp cup action.
Group A is going to be so tight, i am torn with who to choose. Italy should be very talented once again, but canada and england are going to definitely give them a run for their money. I hear Ukraine should also have a good team, with the addition of a new goalie and winger, they might be able to contend in this group. I take Canada to come out in first with italy edging poland for second spot.
Group B is a little more clear for who the best teams are, Austria and Ireland. Ireland womens team has been practicing with the mens team and is probably the best womens team in the tournament. they have 2 players that play really good . Second place in this group will be locked up by el salvador.


BoniekPL said...

Not sure if the above comment was sarcastic but there's no reason to be disrespectful... The womens side is as much a part of this tournament as our side. Most of them stay and watch our games and make up a solid portion of the crowd that watches us. I've sat with the chilean fans cheering on the women and it can be just as entertaining as our games...
Seriously though from what I hear the strong teams are Germany Ukraine and chile.. But anything can happen and hopefully our womens team Poland will have the same support as the mens team! Go white and red!

Anonymous said...

Hey A.H.

terrible predictions. The Strong teams are Germany, Ukraine & England. Chili's hype has faded terribly. Germany vs Ukraine Fianl. Repeat from last year.

Anonymous said...

Back to MENS predictions.

1) ROI- any team that is is the final for 5 straight years should probably get the benefit of the doubt in getting back there again. they once again improved their roster.

2) Laos- defending champs and constant contender. just not as consistently good as ROI and did not improve as much as ROI.

3) France- very talented team, thought they had a good shot at it last year, but sadly the road to final will likely go through ROI again.

4) Jamaica- the best team in the group of death this year, but won't manage to really challenge the top teams.

5) El Salvador- strong enough to advance from their group with ease, but won't be able to make it though the quarters.

6) Germany- they so badly want to be a good team, but they have never been past the quarters and even with their offensive prowess, won't happen this year either.

7) Norway- they also want to be considered a good team, but with every team ahead of them, with the exception of france, bringing in out of town guys to bolster lineups they are just outmatched.

8) Nigeria- they benefit from being bigger and faster than a lot of teams which will get them through their group, but no farther.

9) Canada- ranked 9th because they do not advance to the quarters, but can take pride in being The Best Of The Rest.

10) Ukraine- had they been in group B or C they could have advanced the the quarters and put a scare in someone, just got unlucky at the draw.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts or comments? Lets hear it.

Anonymous said...

Germany was in the semis the first year so get ur facts straight

Amused said...

hahaha Jamaica the best team in the group of death?