Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Ceremonies Info

Just a reminder that the opening ceremonies are scheduled for 1 p.m., on Saturday afternoon. Because of baseball practice being booked on the back fields during that time, the normal set-up and walk-out is being tweaked.

Players, team personnel and anyone else who needs to walk out will be meeting in the area that joins the hockey arenas and the soccer centre at the back (don't walk in the spectators area to get there. Go to the Tim Hortons and then walk straight down to the end). It's not a big area, but it is rectangular in shape, so every team should fit as long as you get there on time and try to stay semi-organized.

Everyone is asked to arrive at 12:15 p.m. so there is enough time to line up, get in the right order and walk out in an orderly fashion. The good news is that the walk-out is set up so that it's essentially fool-proof. Just follow the team you're lining up beside.

Final note: NO JEANS or FLIP FLOPS or anything else that looks unprofessional. The opening ceremonies are a big deal to the organizers and sponsors so if you show up looking like a slob, your team could be fined (and not able to play until you pay the fine). Be in team colours, nice shoes and nice pants.


Anonymous said...

The area to meet is called the "Banner Hall entrance" incase the Braden's instructions weren't clear.

denim said...

you could wear jeans, as long as their not ripped . get your facts straight . they did not say anything about jeans

Playmaker said...

All right, go for it. Wear jeans.

Anonymous said...

How about speedos?