Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Long Arm of the Law (RSA)

If you're participating in the WCP Cup because you're sick and tired of dealing with the Regina Soccer Association then beware: It has its fingers in everything. More specifically, the RSA has the power to determine whether or not you play, sit or are barred from the venue and it (along with the Saskatchewan Soccer Association) will also have final say on any and all disciplinary matters.

This occurs because the RSA and SSA are sanctioning bodies - something the WCP Cup needs desperately. No sanctioning = no insurance, no referees, no sponsors. While almost everything about the WCP organizing committee is different from the RSA, there is no way to escape its reach.

What this can mean in the short run is that any suspension you may have on your "record" going into the 2011 WCP Cup will likely have to be served during the tournament. Received your third yellow card during the final game of the RSA indoor season? Sit your first WCP game - regardless that its a completely new competition and common sense says it should have 0 bearing. Red card suspension still in effect from RSA co-ed fun tournament in 2010? Serve your games during the tournament. Even though you're only guaranteed five WCP Cup games, the RSA will make you sit now, not when you play in the 15-game-long season.

In the long run, you could find yourself suspended in the middle of the WCP Cup, completely out of the hands of the organizing committee. There is nothing in the WCP Cup rules about a yellow card limit, so I'm assuming the RSA rule of "3-and-sit-a-game" will be in effect. Think the slate is clean once playoffs roll around? Don't count on it because that's not how the RSA enforced the indoor season. Two yellow cards during the regular season + one in the playoffs = suspension.

Also, any red card will certainly be reviewed by the RSA and it will have final say on your suspension, not the WCP Cup. This will likely mean that if you received a red card last outdoor and you get another in this tournament then you're looking at double time for being a repeat offender in one calendar year.

So for everyone happy to be playing in the WCP Cup and its hyper-competitive games, beware that crossing the line can cost you more. $900 per team for only five games, and suddenly a one-game suspension is a whole lot more relevant.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone please post ALL exhibition game scores. That would be nice to see whats going on with a few of the teams.

Anonymous said...

and so the decline of this great tournament begins. was a brilliant idea and well organized but it seems kevin has finally give in.

Anonymous said...

This tournament is a joke. People take this way to serious. To those people that take it so serious, do you think you are going somewhere with your soccer career? highly unlikely. And those that do go somewhere have more intergrity than to post and bash...

Anonymous said...

your comment about people taking this tournament too seriously would be much more relevant if you left your name with it. That way i could personally attack you when i see you in person. clearly you are someone pretty special in this world to waste your time coming onto a blog like this and trying to bash people for their passion for this tournament. You are probably just upset that no one talks about you or your team, solely because you are a terrible athlete and you have an ugly girlfriend.

Julio said...

Yes some people do take this tournament very serious... but that's their decision. Yet if you look at other similar events held in other cities across the country; people there also take it very seriously.
Like I said before... to each their own, and if someone really wants to live and die over this tournament then let them.

At the end of the day it's an enjoyable 3 weeks, with a great atmosphere. I get bashed alot and I could care less, as it comes with the territory of posting anything; especially when you post with your name.

As for your comment about the players making it anywhere not ever posting; well that one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. It takes skills to make it anywhere and its irrelevant if the person is a huge douschebag or not.. if they can play; they can play. Reality is if they were going to make it anywhere they wouldn't be playing in this tournament as you need to be successful young.