Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AMBUSH! WCP Threatens Braden With Expulsion

So it all finally came to a head on Tuesday night. The WCP Cup Organizing Committee/Discipline Committee told me that if I did not adhere to their request to change the blog in the next 24 hours then I would be banned from playing and officiating in the 2011 version of the WCP Cup.

They cited Rule #11 in the Men's Rules and Regulations which has a recently added final sentence that reads:

Please note, the WCP Cup Organization/Registration Committee appoint a Discipline Committee to deal with all matters or incidents, whether or not they occur within the tournament venues, should the WCP Cup Organization/Registration Committee feel that such a matter or incident negatively impacts the spirit, dignity, legitimacy or perception of the 2011 WCP Cup.

Of course, Rule #11 also first reads, in the original and current versions:

all attempts will be made to ensure that said Discipline Committee is free of bias or other conflicts of interest with respect to the matter.

The people meeting with me to issue the ultimatum were Kevin Holness, Adam Ailsby, and another member of the organizing committee. Unbiased?.......

But hey, pick and choose what you want to use; if you're the organizers you can ban whomever you want. When they inform the sanctioning bodies of the discipline, which Rule #11 also says will happen, I hope there's a reason like, "He made us mad," or "He didn't listen when we demanded he do things," or "We tried to scare him and it didn't work so a ban was the only option we had to get our obviously correct point across."

A fun thing to note is that the lawyer who originally contacted me about changing the blog was nowhere to be seen (haven't heard from him in weeks) so I'm guessing the legal avenue (like they originally said) just wasn't an option any more. Hard to go anywhere when there's nothing to stand on.

That's the first rant. There is also a second.