Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 WCP Cup Schedule

Get ready to spend your weekends at the WCP Cup from April 2nd to 23rd. The 2011 schedule has been released, and it's a doozy. True to form the organizing committee has once again loaded the weekends - especially late at night - with the tournament's top games. Some highlights are as follows:

Sat April 2nd: Canada vs. Jamaica, 9 p.m. - Opening night of the tournament will be packed with this game as the feature.

Sun April 3rd: Germany vs. Poland, 8 p.m. - Another banger of a Group D game.

Fri April 8th: Poland vs. Ukraine, 7:30 p.m. - This list will have tons of Group D.

Sat April 9th: Germany vs. Jamaica, 7 p.m.

Sun April 10th: Canada vs. Poland, 6 p.m.; Germany vs. Ukraine, 8 p.m.

Fri April 15th: France vs. Nigeria, 9:30 p.m.

Sat April 16th: Canada vs. Ukraine, 7 p.m.; Jamaica vs. Poland, 8 p.m.; Laos vs. El Salvador, 10 p.m.

Sun April 17th: Ireland vs. Norway, 5 p.m.; Canada vs. Germany, 8 p.m.; Jamaica vs. Ukraine, 9 p.m.

Wed April 20th - Men's Quaterfinals: A1 vs C2; B1 vs D2; C1 vs A2; D1 vs B2.

Thurs April 21st - Men's Semifinals: Game 2 vs Game 3; Game 1 vs Game 4.

Saturday April 23rd: Men's Final, 5 p.m.


Yadda Yadda said...

so pretty much the only round robin games to watch are group D haha. I don't think anything has to be done with the seeding to make the groups more even... I just think that shitty teams have to get better to make the groups more interesting. Theres always one team that does well that we wouldnt expect... once the tournament starts and theres implications for teams on the line, the games will get more exciting.
That raises the question, who will be the sleeper team this year?!

Anonymous said...

Well , the sleeper team is usually the ones that sucked badly the year before. Example

Scotland- they have never been good. So they are out.
Italy- they really have never challenged any good team ever. So they are out.
Serbia- they are getting better somewhat every year- they might.
Greece- probably a legit contender for sleeper team.They play to every teams level.
Nigeria- yes, Nigeria, they should be considered a sleeper. have they ever been absolutely exceptional?
N.Ireland- probably the best sleeper team.

what do you think?

Yadda Yadda said...

Serbia could be decent, they were a letdown last year, I don't know if they have added anyone to improve their team this year.
Nigeria is decent, they aren't solid though. They have alot of weak spots, but could surprise people.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with anon 9:10. The only interesting pool will be pool D. The rest are just watered down. either hope the lower teams get better, or boot a few from the tourney to make the pools more intersting.

As for the sleepers:

Scotland is in pretty deep even if they have improved. They've had a lot of turnover, so they might be better, but they aren't making it out of this pool. Potential for most improved from last year (wouldn't take much), but no serious threat to the teams in this group.

Italy has never been a serious threat. Definately get sleepy watching their games.

Northern Ireland was only a 'threat' last year because they were in the weakest group of the draw with only 2 teams that somewhat deserved to make the playoff round (Poland and Nigeria). NI are no match for Laos or El Salvador. Not even close. The battle for 3rd in that pool might be close (not interesting, but close).

Serbia could be the biggest spoiler if they play a solid game against Norway. Who knows about Sierra Leone, but with Portugal losing a few strong players and England never being overly strong, so Norway and Serbia probably have the best shot at second in this group.

Anonymous said...

Group D will be the most interesting group for sure. And as for sleepers, I agree with that Serbia could be up there but how can you say that N. Ireland is no match for El Salvador and Laos. Remember, last year N. Ireland were missing some players that they did not have the year before. And 2 years ago they made it to the Quarterfinals and also beat ROI. I wouldnt they are a strong team, but I think they will give ES a good run. I dont seem them beating Laos at all but I wouldnt be suprised to see them make it out of there Pool in 2nd...which is about as far as they would make it casue they would lose in the Quarters anyway.

Just my opinion


Yadda Yadda said...

Northern Ireland has lost too many key players for their team in recent years... mike sweeney and taylor haid. Who do they have left that can carry their team?

Anonymous said...

Yes they have lost some players, but they have also picked up some players that are equal, if not better then some of the players they have lost. Not sure how they will look this year as they have brought in about 5-6 new players from last year....but playing against some of them in Div 2....I think they have close to the same skills as Sweeney and Taylor....going by stats--N. Ireland is for sure not comparable to ES or Laos....but they have played a step up when they play the better teams...and by the looks of the schedule if they can win 1 out of their first 2 games (ES and Laos) then they might have a chance...not sure how the new pick-ups will fit in but only time will tell


Anonymous said...

Northern Ireland is not a good team at all. They might have pulled off a big win or tie here or there but are not consistantly a good team. I actually blame the better teams for looking past your team and tying or losing to you. Having an easy pool to advance from does not make you a good team. After losing their "key" players they have nobody. Not one decent player. Taylor Haid will be a fine addition to Germany.


Anonymous said...

Mike Sweeney isn't on N. Ireland any more. He's been on Canada since last year. N. Ireland is only a contender in the eyes of Bill Gallagher...who thinks everything he touches is gold, which is completely out of touch with reality. N. Ireland has NEVER been a contender. They are average at best. Put them in a weak Group (like they have been a few times in recent years) and they will appear to shine. Put them in any pool where you need at least a winning record and they will be hard pressed to compete for a playoff spot. Even last year their Group had some weak teams in it...Poland and Nigeria (reasonable teams, but weren't strong enough to crack the medal rounds), but got knocked out in the first round and they still only managed a 2-2-1 record. Put them in the 2011 Group D and they would fair just as well as Scotland will: 0-5 (N. Ireland MIGHT squeeze a tie out of Ukraine at best)

Anonymous said...

Watched Serbia vs. Poland today...was an ok match the first half, then Poland started pouring it on a little more. Serbia's biggest weakness will be their goalkeeping. They have that young kid that got blown out playing for Scotland the last couple games of the tournament and he didn't show well today either...ended up hurting his hand on top of it! If they find another GK for the tournament they might be ok.

Anonymous said...

well I would have to disagree--and coming from someone who has an outside opinion to this wcp cup and has no idea who "Bill" is....I will almost guarantee that N. Ireland will give all teams in there pool this year a run for their money...

Anonymous said...

Bill is the old guy that 'runs' the team.