Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Would relegation work?

To make the WCP Cup more competitive, would relegating teams from each tournament to a qualifier the next year work? Its done in junior hockey, the Olympics and other major tournaments. It could help with the dilution of talent and could eliminate meaningless games.

I'm in favour of something along the lines of the bottom 2 teams in every pool (8 total) from the 2011 tournament go to qualifiers for next year. Then all the new teams for 2012 and those relegated from 2011 have a tourny in February 2012 for 4 spots, and the actual WCP Cup in April 2012 only features 20 mens teams total.

For the 2012 tournament, make relegation for only the last-place teams from each pool to the 2013 qualifier, and have those teams play against any prospective new ones for the same four spots again.

This would give new teams a chance to earn a spot, plus make it possible to get back in if you sucked one year. Plus - it would make the games meaningful even for teams that aren't making the playoffs in the actual WCP Cup because one win could mean the difference between a qualifier the next year or not.


Anonymous said...

Relegation would be great. Hope to see Ireland in that category

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with relegation, give the teams in last something to play for even if it is to stay up the next year.

Anonymous said...

you hope to see ireland in that category? you are an idiot. the team that is in the final every year is never going to get relegated

Anonymous said...

I'e played for some of the bottom feeder teams in the past and when you're in a pool with some VERY tough teams (IE: Scotland last year stuck in with El Salvador, Germany, Jamaica) it's tough to stay motivated when you know it's virtually impossible to make it out of the pool. At least relegation would give the rebuilding teams something to shoot for. It will also give the teams a little confidence when they win the qualification tourney as well. Might be able to ride that through a couple of upsets in the WCP Cup.

The toughest thing standing in the way of relegation would likely be field time. Most weekends these days are filled with tournaments so free weekends are tough to find.

Anonymous said...

Okay so that would sounds like it would be kind of fun, so yeah that would be cool to watch and a decent money grab for the WCP. However, the problem that is really going on is that Kevin is a loser. I blame him only because he surrounds himself with morons like Salazar, and Raul. Two guys that have this sinister look on soccer and should probably be banned from going into the facility. They have the same board they always do, and all of them are snakes in the grass. I trust them all like a trust a criminal with my car keys. I like Kevin and thank him for bringing this to Regina, but get your head out of your ass and get new friends. I don't care how long you have known then for, they are idiots. I don't think I have seen anyone in that board that has any real influence in the soccer community besides Kevin himself and if I saw him coming to a meeting with Salazar I would give them the sweat of my balls if they were dying of thirst. Get real friends Kevin, or get a group of rep going from countries on the board so we can bring our ideas to attention instead of you pretending to listen. Or getting us to listen to Ailsby talk in the managers meeting about the rules and shit. Okay, I am done my rant....for now. I hate you too Breydon but only as a ref because you suck

Anonymous said...

you obviously have a crush on kevin and are just jealous that marco and raul get to hang out with him all the time and he doesnt even know your name. maybe you can start slowly growing closer to him by being a volunteer for the tournament, then gradually work your way up into having meaningless conversation about soccer with him and your ideas to make the tournament better. when you get to this point, then you will probably get one of those cool wcp jackets that all the volunteers wear that make them think they are important. your status will have grown to worker bee, and you will probably have about 8 cool new friends you can hang out with and all wear your wcp jackets and think to yourself that you are now an important member of kevin's inner circle, but in reality, your just a worker bee in kevin's hive. you're next step will be to start talking people that actually play soccer ( who you know by name but they have no idea who you are ) this way when you talk to kevin, you can bring up a common interest in conversation with him. for example: i was talking to (insert name here) and he said ( insert useless piece of information here). although you may feel that you deserve a promotion from worker bee to actually VIP member behind the curtain at world cup, you are still just a worker bee wearing a wcp jacket that no one knows your name. good luck on your expedition.