Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Somalia to be Sierra Leone

One of the new teams for this years' tournament has changed its country of origin. What was originally supposed to be Somalia will now instead be Sierra Leone because of more heritage apparently. I still have no idea who is going to be on this squad so if anyone has a clue feel free to fill everyone in. The same goes for the other new team, Sudan. Hopefully we'll see plenty of representation for both sides at the draw on Friday.


Goose said...

Hey Braden,

The new (shitty looking) website is:

Anonymous said...

there apparently so many Sudanese in the city so they have enought players to fill there roster but non of them are playing in the league thats why no ones knows anything about them but they play together every summer against each other so they might surprise ppl and they can ran the whole day so thats to their advantage, and they love to fight so i feel sorry for any team they are going to play coz theres going to be a fight either amongst themselves or with the other team,i hope doesnt happen every game coz it happened every time i saw them playing in summer with Sierra leon have no clue but i think most of there players are from Ethiopia or Elitriea side as far as i know, skillful but know how to play individually, but will be exciting to watch as some of them can really drible, but skiny players so easily can be pushed off the ball

Anonymous said...

Greece will beat them up, thats what they do.