Friday, February 11, 2011

One week to the draw

I can't decide if I'm pathetic for looking forward to the draw next week or if it's an event that I should be legitimately excited for. On the one hand, knowing the groups is essential for actually making predictions and building hype for the tournament. On the other hand, until the WCP Cup starts I'm not going to be sure who's even on which team, so conjecture of results is foolish.

Also, the one draw I have attended was anti-climatic compared to how it's hyped. The whole - setting it in a club, then inviting everyone including the youth teams and their parents and charging everyone cover - really threw off the anticipatory vibe. I'm guessing this is a no-win for the organizers because the youth teams need to be included, but shouldn't this really just be a kegger - with no required attendance and no expectations of teams taking it seriously?

Pick the groups right away; everyone have a few drinks; don't charge anyone money for a non-obligatory event.


Anonymous said...

I think its a fantastic excuse to go out and get real drunk with all the people that over the following months you spend countless hours beaking back and forth about your opinions, predictions, and ranking systems. the world cup draw is the beginning of controversy, and its only one week away! start hydrating!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the draw night. There are so many people you play with during league play that end up on different teams and vice versa and a lot of people that you just always play against where it's a good excuse to just have some beers and shoot the shit about soccer. It's also fun plotting to see who ends up where and seeing the pools develop rather than just taking a look at a website to see where your team is and that's it. Just my opinion though. I do agree though, if it's manditory it should be free though (at least for the players and coaches...general public can pay).