Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New WCP Cup Site

The new WCP Cup site has finally launched so no more worries about being taken to the 2008 version every time you Google or try to go through CBC (although they probably won't update that link for a while). There isn't much for content on the site yet, but there are some important forms that should be useful to every team.

Men's Rules and Regulations
Heritage Verification Form
Player Transfer Form
Liability and Waiver Form


Anonymous said...

With all the money you pay for this tournament you would think that they could make a decent website.

Goose said...

I'm looking at the poster again, and i swear the silhouette is of holness from the first tournament (leaderpost picture).

And I agree with the poster above. Brutal attempt at a website.

Playmaker said...

I'm not going to pile on the website just yet. It looks like it was recently launched and there are a bunch of areas that need content, but it has relevant info that was never available before. Now, if in two months they still haven't updated every section, or they decide not to update it daily during the tournament, then I'll have issue.

LEONIDAS said...


Greece's new temporary website

Anonymous said...

whats up with the greece uy hes every were link up greece link up greece wats exciting about yo new temp web?