Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How much are you willing to spend?

If the WCP Cup was a MasterCard commercial the Slogan would be:
Team entry: $900
Tournament Pass: $75
Personal Jersey: $60
Chance to win the championship: Priceless

Unfortunately, only one team wins the championship and everyone else is left grousing about how poor they are after the final game.
Glass half full – The tournament is always fun.
Glass half empty – It’s going to cost even more this year.

That’s right, more fees; especially if you plan on adding someone to your squad from another roster. The transfer fee is in effect to the tune of $200 per player. You can shrug it off by saying, “Well, we owe it to the team we plundered.” But that’s not true. Because who you’re actually paying is the WCP organizing committee.

Let that sink in.

On top of the team registration, the tournament pass, the jerseys, the $5 beer and the $2 cover charge for the draw ceremony coming up – you’re also now directly paying the organizers to change your roster from year-to-year.

Coming next year: A per-player TV charge going to the organizers for the privilege of being broadcast on Access7.


Anonymous said...

AMEN Brother! As much as I love this tournament it's turning into more of cash grab. Accepting anyone that will pay the entry fee, thus watering down the overall quality of the tournament, ridiculous fees for player transfers, rather than creating restrictions like heritage to limit the possibilities of players jumping all over. HUGE costs for fans to come out and a couple games.

Nothing we can do about the 5 buck beer though...that's Evraz Places decision, not WCP CUP's.

Anonymous said...

You who is critizing the WCP Event on prices, Entry, etc...what abt the Winners that do not have to pay Entry fee for being the Champs in their Division ? If you are so anti WCP CUP, why don't you come up with some Constructive ideas of how to improve the WCP CUP, and also the Costs? have you try dealing with the Exc Dir of RSA ?? Why are the field charges so high even after the RSA League is over... do you think the refs would ref the games for free, do you pay for the advertising...and by the way the Volunteers give of their time, and do not complain....
it's very easy to cutdown & critize....if you don't like any of this, don't play or participate in anyway.....but don't spoil it for those who want to be a part of WCP's their chance of some Fame even if it is only in front of family & friends...(That's who counts)....
Your life must be pretty sad if all you do is critize & complain....