Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coaches aren't important

As in years past, Norway will not have a coach on the sidelines for the 2011 tournament. It's been this way every single year and I doubt it will change any time soon. Without a coach Norway has won the Cup and made the playoffs in three of five years.

I'm not saying that this would work for every single team, but why is it that most squads feel its necessary to have someone on the bench now? Can't teams figure it out on their own in a tournament where you get to pick who you play with? Are there any teams besides Norway that don't have a coach right now?


Anonymous said...

I think as long as you have a couple of leaders on the team that have a VERY good knowledge of how to assess a game (IE: a smart enough starting goalkeeper or a second sting player on the bench that can see the entire field of play) and make adjustments at halftime or throughout the game, you shouldn't need a coach on the bench for an adult tournament. Make sure you appoint the couple of guy so it itsn't a cluster**** of too many cheifs at halftime though. I know some teams where their 'coach' is just some figure head that wants to feed their ego by saying their involved in WCP Cup and are 'in charge' of something or some guy that isn't even a good youth coach let alone dealing with men.

Anonymous said...

itsa good thing to have a coach otherwise u gona have 20 coaches on the team and they all want to coach so were are the players then? it will be calm on the bench having a coach on the team coz everyone gets to listen to any changes or bench someone easily whos isnt performing which will be had to do if u dont have a coach and i mean thats on a team which wants to win

Anonymous said...

maybe your coach can start by teaching you about punctuation and proper grammar?