Thursday, May 6, 2010

Player Movement

As I understand it, in the 2011 tournament players will have a very difficult time joining a different team than the one they played for in 2010. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think unless a player is released by a team they must pay a $500 fine or else sit out for a year.

Personally, I think this is a great change. No longer will we see players who at one time claimed heritage for one team, only a year later to see that they jumped ship to play for another team with more of their friends or that has a much better chance of winning. Full disclosure - Norway did it with Reis Cooper and Andrew Baulin this year from Scotland. I'm happy to have them on the team, but it still made me feel a bit like a creep. At least we weren't as bad as Canada.

What the tournament should see more of now is good players sticking with their team in the good years and the bad and actually trying to help that team to get better instead of looking for the quick fix. Also, much more emphasis on the younger players coming up. It might sound pathetic, but teams are going to actually have to scout out the youth divisions.

Mostly I'm happy that this should help eliminate another abomination of a team like Ireland, which takes its players from wherever, no matter how terrible it looks. Success - yes. Respect - absolutely not.


Deadmoney said...

As of now the following rule states a player can move to another team in 2011 if

A: the team they played in 2010 does not enter the 2011 tournament

B: the player must present equal heritage to the nation.

C: the player is released/cut from the team.

D: yes you would have to pay 500 dollars

I wouldnt take this rule seriously because in the past this rule has changed every yr, remember 5 yrs ago you could only have 5 premier players?
they might stick with it but who knows.

Playmaker said...

Thanks for the clarification. I hope they do implement it, otherwise it'll be more of the same. However, that heritage rule is the obvious loophole. So easy for someone to exploit.

Anonymous said...

Braden maybe you should think before you make stupid comments. The only player you can say we've "stolen" is Jonah and at the time Greece wouldn't let him play keeper. By your own admission you have stolen 2 players. So who's really the abomination?

Playmaker said...

Fair point. I suppose that last comment was mostly aimed at all of the Saskatoon players and how everyone else on the team just sits on the bench pretending that they belong

Anonymous said...

its no different than ES,Laos,France in the semis benched players, dont just pick on one team Braden

Playmaker said...

I'm not picking on anyone - just using the best example available. France used lots of subs when they played Norway and Laos subbed plenty in the final. ES didn't really sub but they didn't make it to the playoffs and I've already written about that.

Anonymous said...

all i gotta say is when i played for laos poncho wouldnt play the other guys unless we where up 5-1 which is gay cause u pay money to play not sit on the bench and watch .... if that was the case i would of bot a pass and watch

Playmaker said...

We figured that since everyone paid the hefty tournament fees and since its clearly not a professional tournament, that everyone deserved to play equally. We're all adults, we're all friends, we put team equality above winning.
Because of that team equality we had success. To achieve that we made certain that every player on the team was good enough to perform in big-time moments and we took the full 18-player squad strategy seriously.

† Kier said...

@2:32 Pro players don't pay to play, they get paid to play. That's why sitting on the bench is not a big issue. This is not the case for the WCP. But I do agree that unless you have really good dept on your squad, it is inevitable to bench the lesser players if you want success.

Anonymous said...

Not every team makes there players pay, therefore you do not have the ability to say you paid for playing time. Also, there are a lot of team in the tournament if you don't like you playing time, try Italy, N. Ireland, Botswana, Portrugal, Scotland, England where they need players, then you might get more playing time then you would on say Laos, Rep. of Ireland. Stop your crying, people want to win this tournament and when Norway did they were stacked from a lot of player movement.