Monday, May 3, 2010

Laos Champions

Congratulations to Laos for an impressive and convincing win over Ireland in the WCP Cup Championship game. The game went to penalty kicks but I don't think there was any doubt in the minds of spectators that the better team prevailed on Saturday.

Laos came out much more intense than Ireland and it seemed they would score early in the match. Instead, fans were treated to a multitude of quality chances from both teams as the goalkeepers stood on their respective heads. The keepers made this game great because without both playing phenomenally this game would have been blown wide open early in the contest.

Ireland eventually opened the scoring but the game was quickly tied up by Laos. Then Ireland took another lead early in the second half only to have Laos re-tie it within a couple of minutes. Going into overtime and during the extra frames it seemed that Laos' speed would end it all as Ireland was visibly tiring. But both teams kept it together and provided fans with an overall entertaining finish.

Laos 3-2 in PK.


Anonymous said...

Well written Braden.

Anonymous said...

Ireland scored to make it 2-1 for them, then Laos scored to tie it up 2-2.

Playmaker said...

My bad, you're right. They were so close together that I forgot the order. I'll change it quick