Friday, April 16, 2010

Norway 4, Scotland 3 - Recap

Unfortunately, this recap is a little short because I only saw about 15 minutes of the game due to having an injury. Norway prevailed 4-3.

From what I saw, Norway carried the play after an early meltdown gave Scotland a 1-0 lead. Brett Moore slipped when a Scotland header from the top of the box came rolling towards him. Bad luck happens: 1-0 Scotland.

Norway responded with three goals in the next five minutes to take a comfortable lead by seven minutes in. Sean Haynes, Reis Cooper and Chad Campbell provided the firepower. Scotland couldn't do much to stop the Norway passing game or to generate any chances for the remainder of the first half. Norway missed so many chances that the score easily could have been 5-1 at half.

After that, I have no idea what happened because I wasn't even in the building. The 4-3 final score suggests it was close so maybe that was the case.

The winning goal for Norway was scored by Justin Sawka. Sorry to anyone looking for Scotland's scorers - I'll try and figure them out in the next few days and get them posted.

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