Friday, April 23, 2010

El Salvador Preview - Saturday 4:30 p.m.

I'm writing this now because I'm not sure I'll have the time after tonight's Afghanistan game. Obviously a lot can change - injury, psyche, fatigue, overconfidence, hangovers - but I'm taking that all into account with my experience of how Norway recovers from most games.

I think the Norway vs. El Salvador tilt will be the most skilled and most entertaining game of any other in Group B. El Salvador has numerous top-flight players with creativity, passion and scoring touch and it was no fluke that they made it to the final in 2009. They're a tough opponent for Norway because they pass extremely well and they're fit, two traits the Norwegians usually like to exploit in other teams.

However, El Salvador also is cursed with some major egos. It might sound rich to read it on this blog (hypocrite, cynic, whatever) but I really think that El Salvador's expectation that they will win every match will be their undoing. It isn't every player on their squad, but there are some moody "superstars" who react very poorly when their team isn't able to have its way. This is the key to the match.

For Norway to win it will have to win ugly. Hard tackles and hard fouls that quite possibly will result in disciplinary action from the referee. It is essential for Norway to get under the skin of the El Salvador players and hope that the mental edge will throw off El Salvador's slick attack. If/when that happens, Norway will have to capitalize on counter-attacking the giveaways that will result. Missed chances mean that Norway will lose because those chances are likely to be few.

I expect the midfield battle in this game to be a draw. Whichever team wins will have shown they were dominant team on the wings and were able to generate chances from the outside. Expect El Salvador to get frustrated and expect there to be some intense one-on-one battles. That said, this is one outcome I'm far from certain of.

I predict a draw, 4-4, with the tying goal scored in the final 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

hypocyte is right this is unbeleivable garbage

Anonymous said...

holly shit, do you have nothing else to but just make topics on your blog?dont you guys have a game tonight? you should really take one game at a time, look at canada.

Anonymous said...

5-1 El Salvador, prediction- norway will lose to our supreme ball moving skills, rolfe will get his revenge you have no hope forget it

Anonymous said...

"supreme ball moving" - congrats to El Salvador!

Anonymous said...

whoa I heard about this blog so I decided to check it out, and I have to say with all do respect, Norway is a good team from what I have seen but we will come up top by defeating norway, it will be a battle to the end but we will prevail. ES for life


Anonymous said...

Rolfe is a f@g. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

rolfe is sweet. too bad he's a traitor